Masters & Alloy

You know your products and what it takes to make them consistently excellent. At Masters & Alloy, we know additives, and when, where, and how you use them. Much more than just a semi-finished metals vendor, our team is skilled in the entire range of metal manufacturing disciplines and processes.

As well as being a provider of premium, certified, copper-based master alloys, we also supply the highest-quality virgin metal additives along with cost-efficient recycled metal alloys—but that’s not all.

When standard alloys just won’t do, our expertise at the furnace and in the lab brings you the finest engineered master alloys, creating the ingredients to put you in total control of your product quality and productivity.

As true experts in the production and provision of master alloys, we’re able to assist your business through consultation, offering solutions that save money or improve your product quality—and sometimes both. We also eliminate your need to hedge against material shortages and other risks by carrying safety stock. In short, we hold the inventory so you don’t have to.