About us

Based in Alsip, Illinois, Masters & Alloy is a premium provider of master alloys and metal additives, serving industrial manufacturers, copper and brass mills and service centers. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the highly specialized field of metal additives.

A key benefit for our company is having one of the industry’s best metallurgists, lab technicians and furnace operators, on board. That, along with our state-of-the-art metals laboratory and full-service approach to meeting customer needs, is what differentiates Masters & Alloy from other vendors of alloys and semi-finished metals.

What We Do

Copper Based Alloy

Our copper-based alloys are offered in both shot and ingot forms. Surpassing the standards required for certification compliance.  Controlled by expert technicians in our so...

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Engineered Alloys

When your customers depend on you for consistently high quality products comprising precisely engineered alloys, surprises are rarely welcome. Thanks to our focus on quality, ...

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Virgin Additives

For some manufacturing applications, only the purest virgin metal additives will do. We source the finest virgin materials to meet your most exacting manufacturing requirement...

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Recycled Metals

In many cases, recycled additives are every bit as suitable as virgin metals and sometimes more so. Our recycled metals are quality assured to keep your costs down and your ma...

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Precious Metal Refining Division

Masters & Alloy Metals Refining Division is one of the highest quality & Innovative Assayers and Processors of precious metal bearing scrap, and we’ve gained that re...

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