Recycled Metals

In many cases, recycled additives are every bit as suitable as virgin metals and sometimes more so. Our

recycled metals are quality assured to keep your costs down and your manufacturing standards up.

We’re always happy to collaborate and consult to help you find the balance between cost efficiency and

specific material composition to best enhance your finished or semi-finished metal goods.

Virgin Additives

For some manufacturing applications, only the purest virgin metal additives will do. We source the finest

virgin materials to meet your most exacting manufacturing requirements. When you need an ingredient

that’s straight from nature’s geological kitchen, you’ll find it within our highest quality virgin additive


Engineered Alloys

When your customers depend on you for consistently high quality products comprising precisely

engineered alloys, surprises are rarely welcome. Thanks to our focus on quality, it’s no surprise that our

customers applaud us for engineering alloys that meet specifications with what we’re proud to describe

as monotonous regularity.